What We Do

The Education Department serves elementary and high school students and young adults in their educational experience through afterschool enrichment programs, truancy prevention, and summer programs. Understanding the crucial role parents, family and community support play in the success of students, the Education Department engages the participation and fosters leadership of parents and community stakeholders.

  • Afterschool Arts & Academic Enrichment Program
  • Summer WorkReady Program
  • Student Immigrant Leadership Council (SILC)
  • Truancy Case Management
  • Resiliency through Faith, Hope and Action
  • Resources and Inspiration to Support Education

InTheSEAMAACStudioInspired by the tragic events of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14th 2012, that claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults, SEAMAAC’s teaching artists Prinze Whyee & Andrew Ramsey came together to write and arranged an original song to honor the lives and memory of the Sandy Hook children and adults, and make a creative statement against the gun violence that claimed 26 innocent victims.Read More






Afterschool Arts and Academic Enrichment Program

SEAMAAC’S Hip Hop Heritage After School program offers classes in the four core elements of Hip Hop: emceeing, deejaying, breakdancing, and graffiti art.; in addition to homework assistance, English-as-Second-Language tutoring, sports activities and group open discussion. Our staff of Education Case
Managers works with each of our students and families so that they may define success for themselves, and achieve that success in a spirit of creativity, cultural integrity, and independence. Our program is different in that we listen to what the youth want to do.




Summer WorkReady Program

SEAMAAC’S Summer WorkReady Program is designed to provide work readiness skills to youth through a service learning model. Our summer Hip Hop Heritage program also teaches instructs youth on the four core elements of Hip Hop. Although the program is limited to six weeks, it is much more intense than our school year program. By the end of the summer program youth have recorded an album of music, rehearsed and performed a choreographed dance presentation and will have painted a beautiful mural while learning to bring communities together and have FUN!




Lanica Angpak, SILC’s Coordinator & Recipient of 2012 Youth Leader Award

Student Immigrant Leadership Council

SEAMAAC’s Student Immigrant Leadership Council (SILC) has as its mission to build a youth group that provides the tools and support for youth to develop as leaders actively involved in efforts for social change in their communities. In an inclusive and supportive space, youth will get the opportunity to develop team-building and leadership skills, learn about issues of social justice, participate in youth-led civic engagement and work towards improving their school system and strengthening their community.






Truancy Case Management

The Truancy Case Management (TCM) program is a partnership between SEAMAAC and the Department of Human Services (DHS) that work together to improve school attendance and academic achievement through case management services for at-risk youth as well as their families. SEAMAAC seeks to ensure that students and families who are vulnerable or have limited English language proficiency have access to the Regional and Family Truancy Court system and their public school education. Students and families may also be linked into SEAMAAC’s other educational and health program in an effort to bring about an atmosphere of holistic program exchange and life-long learning. The TCM program’s goal is to increase opportunities for youth, build positive relationships in their family, school and communities, and help them achieve their potential.



Resiliency through Faith, Hope and Action

Resiliency through Faith, Hope and Action (RFHA) is a partnership between SEAMAAC, the True Gospel Tabernacle Family Church, Furness High School, South Philadelphia High School, Academy at Palumbo High School, and the School District of Philadelphia. RFHA’s mission is to build community leadership with a racially-diverse group of youth and their families, and equip them with the specific skills for mediation, restorative justice practices, healing and genuine understanding of each other’s races and cultures. RFHA youth and families will serve as community leaders in eliminating racial violence and promoting racial tolerance.




Resources and Inspiration to Support Education

Resources and Inspiration to Support Education (RISE) is a new initiative in our afterschool program sites for public middle school and high school students. The primary goal of RISE is to provide each student a profile of goals and identified areas of extra support that focuses on school performance, higher education aspirations, and career exploration. Activities include college campus visits, resource fairs, tutoring, and workplace tours.