The Asian American & Pacific Islander community has lost of hundreds of thousands of dollars in government funding due to underrepresentation in the census. This year, let’s band together and fill out the census. Let America know we’re here and we count.

You will receive a code by mail to complete your census form online in your language of choice beginning in March 2020. You can complete the online form on a smartphone or computer ( You can also complete the Census survey by phone (844-330-2020). The Census counts the population of different communities across the country, and these numbers are used to decide how $800 billion dollars of government funding is spent in neighborhoods. This money supports our schools, roads, public transportation, and hospitals, as well as funds programs such as Medicaid and SNAP. It is very important that everyone in our community is counted in the 2020 census! Scroll below to pledge to get counted and spread the word to your friends & family!