Continuum of Care Program (COC)

The SEAMAAC Outreach Office located at 2110 South 8th Street opened in the spring of 2015. The Community Outreach Office serves primarily the Burmese, Chin, Karen, and Nepali communities, but is open to all South Philadelphia residents. SEAMAAC”S Continuum of Care Program (COC) conducts case management services, community meetings, leadership trainings, and various workshops and information sessions at the Outreach Office.

  • Community Meetings are held on a variety of topics including: where to access free tax services, citizenship, unemployment benefits, mental health topics such as, trauma, and Know Your Rights information sessions
  • Naturalization Application assistance
  • Workshops focused on leadership development, resume writing, interview readiness, and employment opportunities.
  • Donation and Clothing Drives
  • Community Outreach Events

We will be completing a newly renovated backyard space which includes a new garden and meeting space. This will be used by SEAMAAC staff, volunteers, clients, and community members to have a tranquil place to visit when they come to SEAMAAC.

Health Services

SEAMAAC engages immigrant and refugee community members around health care access and health insurance enrollment in Philadelphia. In addition to the specific services we provide to clients, SEAMAAC works with health partners in advocacy to improve language access and cultural sensitivity in health settings, particularly in medical systems. We provide the following services:

  • Workshops on Health Insurance Enrollment
  • Our Outreach Workers provide support to apply for, understand and navigate health insurance, both public (Medicare and Medicaid) and private (Marketplace) systems. Our trained Navigators assist clients with ACA healthcare enrollment throughout the year, with added service and workshops during Open Enrollment.
  • SEAMAAC understands the importance of preventative screening, especially among low-income Asian immigrant and refugee women. Our Outreach Workers help clients set up and receive mammography and gynecological exams every year.
  • Advocacy to improve language access and cultural sensitivity in medical settings
  • Through our work with the Friends of Mifflin Square Park group, we’re supporting efforts to promote physical activity among youths of the Mifflin Square Park communities.

Safe Families: Domestic Violence Services

SEAMAAC raises awareness and engages Asian immigrant and refugee community members around intimate partner and family violence. We work to increase safety, healing and healthy family dynamics. Our services address needs on the individual, interpersonal, community and policy level.

  • Our staff provide individual case management, resource navigation and safety planning for clients.
  • We provide outreach and workshops on healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics to educate and increase awareness in communities we work with.
  • SEAMAAC is also a member of the Shared Safety, an initiative from the mayor’s office to address domestic violence by bringing in government agencies and community-based agencies to the table. Our voice and presence in Shared Safety is in advocacy of needs and connecting resources specific to the immigrant and refugee communities

Roots of Happiness: Elders Health & Wellness Services

Roots of Happiness: Elders Health & Wellness Services: SEAMAAC creates a positive experience of aging for Asian immigrant and refugee elders by improving their mental health and emotional well-being. Services include:

  • Our Outreach Workers provide individual case management in connecting elders to public and private resources.
  • We hold weekly Elders’ Gathering at Bok building, an opportunity for Asian elders across multiple cultures in the community to socialize and interact with one another.
  • Empowerment is an important piece within the work we do with our elders. Any decisions made include feedback and consideration from the Elders’ Council.
  • We also provide activities for our elders, such as arts and crafts, Healthy Living Workshops and field-trips.

ESL & Digital Literacy

SEAMAAC supports immigrant and refugee adult learners and their families to achieve their educational goals. Programs include:

  • English as a Second Language classes
  • Citizenship Test Preparation classes
  • Digital Literacy classes
  • Computer Lab
  • Family Literacy activities

ESL (English as a Second Language) and Computer Literacy classes are offered at the outreach office to interested clients and community members. We hold an Open Computer Time once a week in addition to classes.

ESL Flyer

Civic Engagement

Low-income Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in Southeastern Pennsylvania have a history of low voter-turn out and civic engagement. SEAMAAC is changing that narrative through its nonpartisan Civic Engagement Program. In this program, SEAMAAC, a convener organization, conducts voter registrations, voter education, voter protection and Get Out The Vote activities with community partners throughout five Pennsylvania counties: Philadelphia, Montgomery, Allegheny, Bucks and Delaware. We envision a Pennsylvania with AAPI voters registered, voting and participating in the electoral process and building power and leadership in Pennsylvania. The Civic Engagement Program also conducts community education to encourage AAPI participation in the 2020 census.