Truancy Case Management (TCM)

Truancy Case Management (TCM) program works in partnership with Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services (DHS) and the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) to improve school attendance and academic achievement through three tiers of services. Services focus on early interventions and case management with children, youth and their families. Referrals are retrieved through school partners and sent by truancy court.

Students and families may be linked into SEAMAAC’s other educational and health programs in an effort to bring about an atmosphere of holistic program exchange and life-long learning. The program goals are to resolve truancy issues and facilitate families’ability to develop positive relationships that promote well-being and permanency of children in the home, community and school environment.

Contact: Nicole Yarbrough, Director of Education at or 215-467-0690 x. 133

Hip Hop Heritage (H3)

SEAMAAC’s Hip Hop Heritage (H3) afterschool and summer programs’ mission is to build and support a multi-racial, multi-ethnic community of Philadelphia youth. H3 supports youth in identifying and pursuing access to educational and employment opportunities in the creative and performing arts.

H3 is a project-based learning program focusing on the hip hop arts, including instruction in deejaying, breakdancing, photography, video, and music production, emceeing, graffiti arts, and youth leadership development. Our curriculum addresses life skills, civic responsibilities, academic enrichment, and college/career readiness.

Youth build cross-cultural bridges through community projects, civic engagement using hip hop arts as vehicles to effect social change and tell their stories of the urban experience.

Student Immigrant Leadership Council (SILC)

SEAMAAC’s Student Immigrant Leadership Council (SILC) mission is to build a youth group that provides the tools and support for youth to develop as leaders actively involved in efforts for social change in their communities.

In an inclusive and supportive space, youth will get the opportunity to develop team-building and leadership skills, learn about issues of social justice, participate in youth-led civic engagement and work towards improving their school system and strengthening their community.

Resources and Inspiration to Support Education (RISE)

Resources and Inspiration to Support Education (RISE) is an initiative in our afterschool program for high school students. The primary goal of RISE is to provide each student a profile of goals and identified areas of extra support that focuses on school performance, higher education aspirations, and career exploration.

Activities include college campus visits, resource fairs, tutoring, and workplace tours.

Summer WorkReady Program

SEAMAAC’S Summer WorkReady Program is a 6-week program designed to develop work-readiness skills through a service learning model. Our summer Hip Hop Heritage program provides comprehensive training through the core elements of hip hop.

A typical day feels like working at a multimedia entertainment and production company. By the end of each summer program youth will successfully record an album of original music, produce music video, perform complex choreographed dance presentations, and paint socially relevant mural while learning to bring communities together for peace and unity.

Contact: Michael "Cabbie" Caban, OST Coordinator at or 215-467-0690 x. 184